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In addition to lapel stickers, many campaign products are built around your logo: yard signs, bumper stickers, field signs, business cards, push cards … Because your logo is used in a multitude of products, it makes sense to have one which is well designed, easy to read, and gives the basic information one initially needs. When you use it on lapel stickers, bumper stickers, signs, business cards, stationery, website, Facebook page, billboards … wherever … it is as much an identifying factor for you as the "bow tie" is for Chevrolet or the golden arches are for McDonalds.

What do people think about when they see your sign?

Is your logo one which will stand out?

Does it convey the basic information people need to identify you?

Unless you are a major candidate having “deep pockets” and spending big bucks on television, your yard sign will probably be seen by more people than any other advertising medium. Because of this fact, I like to design your logo in basic proportion to your yard sign. That design can then be used on lapel stickers, bumper stickers, push cards, newspaper ads, stationery, and television ads. Your logo’s design is the center of your advertising.

What do I want to see on your sign?
The first thing I want to see on your sign is your last name. Why? If people don’t know your last name, they won’t be able to vote for you.

What about using the first name on a sign?
Having your first name on your sign is important
~ if your last name is common,
~ if your opponant has a similar last name,
~ if a candidate in another race has a similar last name, or
~ if your first name is unique or different.

Should the office I'm running for be on the sign?
As a rule, yes! I want people to know which office you are seeking.

What about including a slogan on the sign?
I'm not a big fan of slogans on signs. However if it is short — if it is pithy — it may be the “hook” which people remember.

What colors are good to use?
Most people running for national office like to use red, white, and blue. Because of its readibility, many people use white lettering on a blue blackground for the main part of the logo. They may then have a red panel or graphic. In local or state offices those colors remain popular, although other colors are sometime chosen. If your last name is Green, you may want green ink in your logo.

What kind of symbols should be used on signs?
There are many symbols that have possibilties, but just because a symbol is possible doesn’t mean it needs to be used. If you use a symbol, it should convey a meaning or identity. Logos should have only one symbol. Multiple symbols typically “compete;” therefore they don’t convey a message or identity. A symbol should not be in conflict with the office sought. Example: I don't design a national office logo that includes red stars. Why? Because the countries which use red stars as their symbols — Russia, China, Cuba — have not been the greatest of friends to the USA.

— All logos in the slide show were designed by Kenneth Mills —

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