Campaign Products

Lapel Stickers…
Popular at conventions, rallys, and county fairs, lapel stickers come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Many campaigns choose a lapel sticker which is basically in proportion to their yard signs. Probably the two most popular sizes of lapel stickers are the 2" x 3" and the 2" x 3.5" rectangle lapel stickers with rounded corners.

Yard Signs…
There are four basic types of yards signs:
1. “Fold-Over” Posters — The most common type of yard sign has been the “fold-over” which is silk-screened on a weather-resistant poster board. Its most common size is 22" x 28" and folds to become 22" x 14" on each side. This sign is typically mounted on a stake, but wire frames are available. Some companies are now offering this sign already stapled with frames
2. The Gill-line™ double-sided “slip over” sign — Many people now prefer the patented “slip over” sign manufactured by Gill. this sign is silk screened on polyethylene board, sealed on the edges, and includes a wire frame. It is 26" x 16" on each side and about 35% larger than the 22" x 14" sign. We have had more people buy this sign than the other three styles put together. This sign is now available in a 23" x 14.5" size.
3. The flexo-printed “poly bag” sign — A third type of yard sign is the flexo-printed “poly bag” sign, and it is also 26" x 16" on each side. This type of sign is manufactured by Gill-line™, and Patriot (The Winningest® Sign), and some other companies. Prices are per sign and includes a wire frame. Prices are really good when you get to a quantity of 5,000 or more.
4. The corrugated plastic sign — Another type of sign is made of corrugated plastic. It is silk screened and, although several sizes are available, the most popular size is 18" x 24." This is the same material used on many field signs. It is the most expensive of the four types of yard signs in initial cost, but if you will be reusing the signs every two to four years — and you can reclaim them after the election — it can really save you money in the long run..

Sign Shapes
Typicall your campaign signs will be rectangular in shape. However, custome-shaped signs are avaiable. And yes, that does raise the price!

Field Signs
Corrugated field signs are available in several sizes including 24" x 48", 32" x 48", 36" x 48", 48" x 48", 48" x 72", and 48" x 96". Most use 4mm corrugated plastic, but 10mm is available. These signs can be printed on one side or both sides.

Bumper Stickers…
Always a staple of political campaigns, bumper stickers are available in many sizes. One popular size is 3-3/4" x 7-1/2" because it is a similar proportion to your yard sign.

Great for events, rallys, or community events, banners come in different sizes. A 3" x 5" banner is a popular size, but your campaign needs may dictate a larger size or even a portable pop-up display.

Magnetic Signs…
Magnetic signs for your vehicles are available in small or large quantity. The most popular sizes seem to be 12" x 18" or 12" x 24". These are now printed digitally many times. Place these on your vehicles and the vehicles of campaign volunteers.

There are many items you will want for your campaign, and they include business cards, trading cards or a pocket card, push cards, stationery, etc.

Promotional Products
There are untold numbers of promotional products (advertising specialties) that you can use in your political campaign. These include buttons, pens, scratch pads, rally signs and flags, emery boards, t-shirts, caps, wooden nickles, key rings, mugs, balloons, fans, lapel pins, water bottles, magnets — you name it, it is there! There are around 4,000 companies which make and/or distribute promotionial products. So, if you want something for your campaign, we can get it.

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